Worship Committee

Mission Statement

The Worship Committee collaborates with the Pastor and Director of Music Ministry to ensure that the sacraments are administered, the Word is preached, and divine worship is maintained, so that the congregation may hear the Gospel, meditate on it, bring it to the world, and apply it to their lives.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Communion – Prepare and set out the elements. Organize servers. Order supplies.
  • Ushers – See that ushers/greeters are properly assigned (four per service) Review and update instructions as needed.
  • Sanctuary – Ensure that the sanctuary is properly dressed each week, including changes to the paraments, as described in the liturgical calendar provided annually by the PC(USA).
  • Budget – Review, update, and submit to the finance committee.
  • Services – Help plan special services, such as: Easter, Advent, Youth Sundays, Boy Scouts, etc.
  • Supplies – Order supplies, such as Candle oil and wicks, Christmas candles, wedding candles, and communion supplies. Maintain candles and pew candle cups as needed.