Personnel Committee Job Description

The Personnel Committee oversees all employee related issues for the congregation.  It will consist of a sufficient number of members to perform its duties but never less than three.  At least one member will be an active elder.

The committee will meet as needed throughout the year having a minimum of three meetings per year.  These three meetings will focus on general personnel issues, an annual performance review of the pastor and the preparation of the budget.  Other meetings may be called by the pastor, a member of the committee or at the direction of the Session.

Other responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Receiving an report from the Head of Staff on all staff performance evaluations;
  • Reviewing the Job Descriptions of all staff members as necessary;
  • Performing the annual performance review of the Head of Staff;
  • Performing the annual review of the adequacy of all pastoral compensation packages as per the Book of Order;
  • Reviewing and preparing the Personnel Committee budget; and
  • Discussing general Personnel related issues as they arise.

Meets (as needed)

Current Assignees: 2014- P. McLelland; 2015 – B. Borzok 2016, Craig Devenport, Bonnie Stanley