Mission Committee

Mission: To express in action, Christ’s concern for the whole world and to lead the church to become, with Christ, actively involved in dealing with the problems, needs & structures of our society.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Interpret & publicize our denomination’s and our congregation’s mission commitments.
  • Gather information on congregational mission, special projects & mission concerns, publicizing them in a variety of ways.
  • Provide leadership to prepare our congregation to be aware of and participatory in mission.
  • Educate the congregation to enable members to communicate the gospel in meaningful words and deeds.
  • Encourage church members to go into the community in order to engage the culture without compromising the gospel.
  • Prepare the congregation to respond to emergency needs – of church members, people in the community, folks in our geographic area, nationally & internationally.
  • With the congregation’s input, identify the most critical areas of need that can be met with resources at hand.
  • Recommend ways of demonstrating our commitment to our community, the nation and the world.
  • Coordinate our mission focus with other Christian bodies and community agencies locally & beyond.
  • Maintain a directory of community and area services so as to be able to guide people on where to turn in times of need and/or crisis.
  • Represent FPC to community and area service providers so they may know the church to be a friend and advocate.
  • Assist in planning special projects, encourage members’ involvement in them and come up with ways to fund them.
  • Submit an annual budget for local and denominational mission on a yearly basis.
  • Recommend to Session any special offering to be taken up in the year ahead.