Member Care Committee

Member Care Mission Statement

The Member Care Committee ministers to members of the congregation in both difficult and joyful times.  We nurture and embrace all members and provide a continuing connection to the church family. 

Committee Responsibilities:

* Monthly visit, card, or phone contact to shut-ins, perhaps with cookies.

* Plan special luncheons for funerals, Lent, and other special events, e.g. a women’s tea or luncheon.

* Involve other members of the congregation in member care activities.

* Send holiday cards to shut-ins, sick, elderly and prayer list members for Thanksgiving, Christmas.

* Outreach to new members to invite their participation.

* Deliver meals/soup to sick members, as needed.

* Oversee kitchen maintenance, such as cleaning surfaces and freezer.  Stock cupboards, purchase supplies, etc. as needed.

* Update congregational directory as needed.